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Westwind Farm

My husband Patrick and I moved to southern Virginia in 2013 and opened Westwind Farm. Within our first year we started raising organic layers and attending the local farmers market and Agricultural Workshops in the area.

Being a practicing herbalist already for myself, family and friends. I launched Westwind Farm Herbal Food Supplements for Horses, Dogs and Health Wellness Consultations.  I thought I would share my knowledge to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their animals.

We pride ourselves on being as organic and holistic as possible. We do not use any insecticides, herbicides or chemical of any kind on our farm. Our day old chicks are started on organic, soy free, starter for 15 weeks and then are moved up to the organic, soy free, layer feed with free range over the farm eating grubs, bugs, worms, clovers (red, white and lespedeza) and marigolds.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our farm website, if you have any questions please give us a call!

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About Laurie

Laurie is originally from New England and has worked with horses for over 30 years, mostly in the commercial racing industry breeding, training, racing and selling racehorses. She managed all levels of barns from “AA” show barns to pleasure riding stables and worked as a small and large animal vet technician.

In 2001,  she was diagnosed with a debilitating liver disease and decided to go down this alternative path of herbs, and being organic because there were no options for her with western medicine at the time, except toxic chemicals.

Since then,  she has been a practicing herbalist for the past 15+ years and this journey she’s been on has not only helped herself, but it’s helped her family, friends, customers and many animals!

She continued her education by working in the vitamin industry for a number of years and attending the companies online courses. It has allowed her to help others on their path to wellness which she truly feels has its place in the western medicine world of pharmaceuticals.

There are options with alternative remedies without the long term side effects of pharmaceuticals. It makes her happy that she can share this knowledge to those who are interested in a healthier lifestyle.

*I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training, and would advise anyone before embarking on an alternative remedy to consult with your personal doctor before you start.*

About Patrick

Laurie’s better half Patrick hails from upstate NY and is the brawn of the operation and makes sure everything is safe and secure here around the farm. He is by all means the Jack of all Trades!

His “REAL” job is working in the transportation field. But, when he’s on the farm you will find him working on some project , planning his next one or just relaxing by the fire or smoking his favorite meat.

Patrick comes from a generational, commercial produce, farming family and knows the hard work it entails to bring a good product to the market. Our future plans are to build a greenhouse to have organic produce all year long.