“My 21 yr old Qh gelding has been on Triple Threat Hoof Support for over 3 months now and it’s like he’s a different horse! I am so impressed by the knowledge and passion Lorie has for all of her customers. She worked specifically with bandit and I to learn exactly what he needed in his diet! Have already recommended her to many friends of mine and will continue to do so.”

– Brooke H. Clark Summit, PA

eye comparison

“I am so glad I found you and your products. We were about to put him on allergy pills before I found your site. We take a very holistic approach in our own home and I thought why not with Ziggy? Everyone at the barn is AMAZED with how good he looks. And now I do not feel so bad every time I look at him.” (Ziggy after 2-3 weeks on Allerg-ease)

– Tina J. Frederick, MD

“I buy calming herbs for my dogs and horse from Laurie and they work amazing! I took my mare off Vita-Calm and tried the Equine Calming Blend and I haven’t turned back. My mare is calmer and more comfortable. And it lasts all day. I normally ride very late in the evenings and I can notice my mare is just more laid back than on the vita-calm. The calming herbs I just started on my dogs, but I have no doubts they’ll work on them too. Great place and love how beautiful it is.”

– Belle T. Sandy Level, VA